Imitation whole milk powder

Milky Powder Gold

Milky Powder Gold has the excellent solubility and perfectly natural milky taste. This is a great fit for an ingredient of confectionery, bakery, ice-cream as like whole milk powder.


Corn syrup, Vegetable oil, Sweet whey powder, Sodium Caseinate, Approved emulsifier, Anticaking agent, Potassium phosphate dibasic, Salt, Milk Flavor, Vitamin B₂ etc.

Recommended usage

Typical usage is in substituted whole milk powder, dry mixes for confectionery & bakery, ice-cream products etc.


Keep out of direct sunlight. The product should be stored in a cool dry place protected from foreign odors and other contaminants.

Shelf life

24 months from manufacturing date.


Made in Korea

Nutrition Facts
Item Per 100g
Protein 3.0
Fat 28.0
Carbohydrates 62.2
Mineral additions 3.8
Moisture 3.0
Calories (kcal) 520.0
Net Weight & Packaging

Net weight of 20kg in a multiwall paper bag with an approved integral polyethylene liner.